Meet the Family

We all have photos of our family around the house. Even those we don’t like that much will crop up in some kind of family reunion photo like a wedding or significant birthday party.

Although we all display our family photos, the way we do it can differ significantly. From simple frames on the mantelpiece to extravagant family trees winding their way up the stairs.

Is the view we give of our family, the view we also have?

So does the way we display our family say something about us or them? Does a large display say that we’re proud of our family or that they are a significant part of our daily lives? In contrast, does selective framed photos say that we love and respect our family but we live our own life and see them only when we have to.

Or is the truth somewhere inbetween?

The Life Stage factor

Maybe the stage we are in our lives dictates the way we display our photos. It makes sense that the more people we have in our lives then the more photos we will have to display.

Young couples tend to celebrate their love through pictures of themselves and their lifestyle. The way they are displayed also reflects their personality. Fun and funky or reserved and refined.

Older couples often tend to have a selection of photos as part of their overall decorating scheme.

Location, Location, Location

Your geographical location in relation to your relations can also have an effect on the amount of photos you surround yourself with. Students in particular have shown a tendency to create wall displays of family and friends to give them that link to home during the difficult first year away.

In fact a photo book is probably one of the most thoughtful yet least expected gifts you can give to a young person as they leave to start their adult life. It becomes a pictoral comfort blanket and reminds them that wherever they go in life, family will always be there for them.

Who do you think you are?

The ultimate display of course is The Family Tree. Some of the most creative displays are reserved for this all encompassing show of family ties. This is a growing trend where the actual research into the tree is as much fun as creating the physical display.

Genealogy family history theme with old family photos and documents.

The way the final photos are displayed is open to personal taste. There are wall transfers that can be purchased online to create an image of a tree on which photographs are hung. Others prefer a more literal interpretation and have an actual tree from which photos are hung. If you’re feeling particularly creative you can get your brushes out and paint your own tree!

One of the key things to take into account is the growth of the family. This may be from additional research turning up more ancestors or the addition of more children and grandchildren to your own family. Make sure you leave space for your tree to grow.

Help is at hand

Whichever kind of display you decide upon, the photo experts at Kodak Express will be able to help you print your images to the correct size and offer advice if you want to display them with frames. Many stores also offer restoration services if you have old and damaged photos.

Just visit and register with your nearest store.

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A printed memory is better than just a memory

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