Welcome to Kodaktivity.

Our blog invites you to discover all the ways you can get creative with your favourite photos and images through the products and services available via Kodak Express instore and online.

We aim to show you how you can find ways to unleash your creativity in ways which you may never have thought possible. Whether that’s creating special displays of your favourite photographs or putting your own designs on a variety of products including garments, aprons, mugs or HD Aluminium panels.

It’s a place where creativity is encouraged. So share your ideas and creations with us and we’ll share them with the world. Unleash your creativity. Get active with Kodak Express.



Welcome to a brand new blog which aims to help you turn your favourite images into beautiful displays, gifts and keepsakes. THE MAGIC OF THE PHOTOGRAPH Photographs. Pics. Snaps. Images. Mug Shots. Head shots. Selfie. Photobomb. There’s lots of words for the good old photo but what they all have…