Welcome to a brand new blog which aims to help you turn your favourite images into beautiful displays, gifts and keepsakes.


Photographs. Pics. Snaps. Images. Mug Shots. Head shots. Selfie. Photobomb. There’s lots of words for the good old photo but what they all have in common is that they capture a moment in time. That brief split second when the world stood still.

Every single shot is a historic moment. Some obviously have more meaning or sentimental value than others, but the fact remains that the moment the shutter was pressed will never be repeated in exactly the same way. That glint in a persons eye, the slight hint of a smile, the look of horror on the face of the person who didn’t realise you were taking their picture. All singular moments in time. Your life. Their life. Captured.

And what do we do with them?

Well most of the time, nothing. We may share them with significant others via apps or social media. And for most people and most images that’s it. It will live in purgatory in the memory of the device which captured it. And capture is often the perfect word for a photo as it remains a prisoner until it’s life is ended with the delete button or maybe, just maybe it is released into the world as a printed item. A special process usually reserved for only the finest of photos. The perfect picture which presents to the world the image of ourselves or our friends and family and places that we want them to see. The photoshopped version of our lives.

Less than perfect

But what of all the slightly less perfect photos. Don’t they deserve seeing the light of day? Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of photos which should be deleted immediately! No, really. I insist. Delete it. Now!

I’m talking of those images which somehow magically capture the real us. That look that apparently we always give someone when they make a stupid comment. The smile that breaks over our face when we really like someone but can’t find the words or nerve to utter a single word. The way Mum looked when she was getting herself ready to go out for the evening. Those are the moments that are often left to linger in the memory of our devices longer than they linger in the memories of our minds.


It doesn’t just have to be an image of a person of course. A much loved pet, a favourite place, a holiday, your first car. They all contain magic within them. A photo has that magical power to take us back to a time and place. To a precise moment in time when we are suddenly hit with a wave of nostalgia that has the potency of the purest perfume to bring a smile to our lips or a tear to our eyes.

That’s the power, the magic of the photograph. So why do we keep them hidden?

This blog is here to encourage you to make these moments a part of your life, to live with. Surround yourself with your life so that occasionally your eye catches the photograph that you walk past almost every day without paying much attention to it. But at that moment, the second you’re taken back to the time and place it was taken, there is nowhere on earth that you’d rather be.

Welcome to Kodaktivity. welcome to your life in print.

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A printed memory is better than just a memory

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